Tim Delhey Eian, Founder and President
Dipl.-Ing. Arch. , Certified Passive House Designer (PHI) – TE Studio

Tim Eian is a German-born and trained architectural engineer with over seventeen years of professional experience in innovative high-performance designs. He is passionate about holistic design solutions that deliver on all aspects of sustainability. In addition, Tim is a master carpenter, graduate of the technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, and one of the first professionals in North America to design a certified Passive House building.

Mike Woolsey, Vice President
Business Development Manager – Swegon

Mike Woolsey began his career in the HVAC industry in 1985, while completing his BSME degree from Washington University in St. Louis, although his interest in building energy conservation was first inspired by the energy crisis of the 1970s. Currently specializing in applications, market management and business development, Mike has presented hundreds of seminars across North America and is currently serving as Business Development Manager in the Commercial Ventilation group of Swegon North America. Mike is also a member of ASHRAE.

Janneke Schaap

Janneke Schaap, Secretary
Architectural Intern, Green Home Consultant – TE Studio

Janneke Schaap identifies with beautiful, holistic structures & sites that use resource efficiency as a creative design tool.

She has broad experience with environmental non-profit- & private, for-profit- structures, & a high degree of literacy in environmental sustainability in the built environment. Every project, every design, no question.

Janneke works to create positive change every day; she believes in human empowerment, social justice, and bicycles!

Tarek Alkatout

Tarek Alkatout
IT Manager PLM – Medtronic

Tarek Alkatout is a Passive House owner and dweller.

Marcy Conrad Nutt
Registered Architect AIA, NCARB, LEED AP – Alchemy

Marcy Conrad Nutt is a licensed architect in Minnesota with over sixteen years experience with many building types and scales. She believes that utilizing the scientific approach of Passive House is the best way to make smart conservation, health, and fiscal decisions for building projects.

She enjoys working collaboratively, brainstorming new ways to find common goals between different interests, and continues to learn and teach others how to build responsibly.

She is an architect with Alchemy in St. Paul, where the firm utilizes the prefabrication process to create smaller, smarter, tighter homes, and is currently studying to become a Passive House Designer.

Peter Schmelzer

Peter Schmelzer
Architect, LEED AP, CPHC (PHIUS) – Horty Elving

Peter Schmelzer is an experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & planning industry. Skilled in Renovation, Comprehensive Planning, Sustainable Design, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and Architectural Drawings, Peter is a strong program and project management professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Architecture from Iowa State University. Peter is a CPHC (PHIUS).

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Jarad Miles
Creative Marketing Consultant – Miles Media Lab
Energy Counselor – Center for Energy and Environment

Jarad Miles is a creative marketing consultant and journalist who reports on climate, energy and technology with a special focus on improving the built environment through Passive House and Net Zero Carbon. His work has appeared at The Nature Conservancy, The American Surveyor, on design-build firm blogs and a few other places throughout the years.

Jarad cut his reporting teeth at South Dakota State University’s journalism and mass communication program. There he worked as a freelance reporter for the SDSU Collegian covering development projects, current events and entertainment. Prior to that Jarad worked with soil, a nuclear density gauge and a team of bright young engineers at Ground Engineering Consultants in Colorado.

Paul Brazelton

Paul Brazelton
Business Systems Consultant – U.S. Bank

Paul Brazelton is a Passive House owner and dweller.