NAPHN 2020 “Choose Your Future” Conference

New York City, June 11-12, 2020. Learn more.

“Choose Your Future” is a call to action – to recognize the power of individuals to produce change and to build a movement; a call for us all to not forfeit our influence over events but to use it. Our time. Our money. Our emotions. Our brainpower. All of these are individual investments in future outcomes; in a future that is increasingly uncertain but still ours to shape through our actions, decisions and commitments. Passive House is a way for us to reliably invest in that future.

Accelerating climate disruptions and public policy initiatives are driving uncertainty about the future effectiveness of our investments today. The core mission of Passive House 2020 is to demonstrate and discuss how (and why) building owners, developers, and occupants are choosing Passive House to improve outcomes, minimize uncertainty and risk, provide more control, increase performance and enhance well-being.

There will be in-depth workshops for the two days prior to the conference and building tours the day after. Building owners, industry professionals, manufacturers, and policymakers will share how they leverage the international Passive House Standard, and choose their futures.

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