Passive House Minnesota

We are a group of Minnesota-based Passive House professionals and practitioners who aim to educate about and promote the Passive House building energy standard. We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


We are a chapter of NAPHN (North American Passive House Network), which is leading the transformation of the building industry to low-energy, high-performance Passive House design and construction. NAPHN is a member-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the widespread adoption of the international Passive House design and construction standards, building science principles and protocols.

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International Passive House Association

Passive House Minnesota and the North American Passive House Network are members of the International Passive House Association (iPHA), a global network of Passive House stakeholders including architects, planners, scientists, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and property developers. iPHA works to promote the Passive House Standard and foster a greater public understanding of its significance. Encouraging the exchange of Passive House knowledge, iPHA communicates with the media, the general public and the entire range of construction professionals.

Learn more at passivehouse-international.org


Passive House Minnesota was founded by Tim Delhey Eian of TE Studio in 2008. Since then, it has supported the building standard in the state of Minnesota, its neighboring states and throughout North America.

Minnesota is home to North Americas’ first certified Passive House, the Waldsee BioHaus, designed by North American Passive House pioneer and registered Architect Stephan Tanner in 2005 and completed in 2006. It represents ground zero for the World’s leading building energy standard in North America.

BioHaus Sep08 South 3 Photos by Cal Rice_Key

Why Are There Two “Passive Houses” in the United States?

Many are confused about how or why PHI and PHIUS are both promoting  “Passive House” but do it separately.   NAPHN’s short description aims to help clarify the situation while answering some basic questions.
Read the document in PDF format here.