How do I start my Passive House Journey?

Start A Passive House Project

First, put your team together. The Passive House Network and Institute train and certify practitioners. Whether you are looking for a consultant, designer, builder, or supplier, the Passive House certified professionals are a great resource to help you with your project.

Get Up To Speed and Stay In The Loop

Sign up to get the newsletter from the Passive House Network, and check the Minnesota box. You will then know when we have our in-person happy hours (when many home owners to be and enthusiast show up), our meetings, and other events. This will keep you in the loop.

Elevate The Game with Passive House Education

If you so choose, becoming a member will get you discounts to the PHN educational material and connect you to the mothership in Germany, if you really enjoy getting into detail. It also helps support the Passive House advocacy and educational materials out there in the US. First and foremost, though, Passive House training offers you the opportunity to elevate your game to the cutting edge of the industry. Whether you are an architect, building designer, engineer, real estate professional, owner, developer, or policy expert, the Network offers training and education for all.

All Things Passive: Projects, People, Products, Policies, Education and More…

The Passive House Accelerator has become a great resource in North America to inform and educate on their website, YouTube channel, podcast, regular online presentations and magazine.

Follow Along and Support

Follow our local chapter on your favorite social media channel! If you happen to have Instagram, I would say that is the best for following us and other Passive House chapters, enthusiasts, tradespeople, etc. You can follow the #passivehousedesign for instance and discover tons of people. It’s a lot of fun and you learn a lot!

Find Industry Resources

Check out 475 High Performance Building Supply for example for the materials you need to build a home. They even offer PDF booklets of details that are worth exploring.

Visit the Official Passive House Websites