PHMN May 28, 2024 Chapter Meeting


Attend and network with others working to transform the building industry in Minnesota. Get the latest, regional, national & international Passive House news. Hear reports on ongoing efforts and help brainstorm new ones. The meeting ist hosted on Zoom and starts at Noon.

This month, we are joined by Enrico Bonilauri of EMU, who is going to tie Passive House, electrification, on-site energy generation and electric vehicle charging together for us:

It takes the same amount of energy to A) power a home built to the regular Energy Code, or to B) power a Passive House, and charge two electric vehicles. This is one of the most compelling results from Emu’s “Report On Building Standards”.

This presentation summarizes why Passive House becomes even more relevant when buildings and vehicles are converging towards electrification. Thermal comfort, indoor air quality, resilience and durability, energy efficiency, and embodied carbon are the metrics that Emu’s research investigated in over 50 single family home projects across the US including Phius and Passive House International standards, “regular” energy Code (IECC), EnergyStar, Zero Energy Ready Home, and Pretty Good House.

With the wider adoption of electric vehicles and different sectors converting to all-electric, super-efficient buildings can play a crucial role in this energy transition. 

Please invite friends or colleagues who may be interested. All are welcome!

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